Welcome to Egames99. ATTENTION!!! All normal deposit has a 1 times rollover requirement for withdrawal. All FREE CREDITS are not allow to use in LOTTERY GAMES, all bet and win amount will be forfeit. In order to protect the customer`s and company`s bank account more efficiently, our company has increased the amount of DAILY WITHDRAWAL LIMITS to 5 times per day and max 5000 per transaction, all the withdrawal amount must be an integer, such as RM1688, if the amount of the customer's withdrawal is RM1688.88, then 0.88 will not be accepted to withdraw, your understanding and cooperation is highly appreciated.
* Username must be 6-11 characters, use only letters (a-z) and numbers (0-9), no symbol applied (@#$%&).
Password must be 8-12 characters, no symbol applied (@#$%&) password validation which cannot contain the logic below: Example Password : qwer2468, tahun2021, Qaz13579 - abc, 123, 456, 789, aabb, 1122 - Content username (content also cannot) - Previous password - At least 4 (character or number) diff
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